Graphical Causality Models: Tree, Bayesian Networks and Big Data

The 2014 ENBIS-SFdS Spring Meeting on graphical causality models (with the focus on trees, Bayesian networks and big data) is an event jointly organized by ENBIS and Société Francaise de Statistique (SFdS). The objective is to investigate new methodological advances in the area of big data analytics, causality mechanisms and robust modeling. These areas of theoretical and applied research concern a large spectrum of statisticians in various fields of specialization and application.

The scientific format of the 2014 Spring Meeting combines an open day for the general public and specialized research sessions for specialists in the area.

Please note that a selection of papers submitted for the research workshop are published (after the regular peer-review process) in the special issue (Volume 11, Number 1 March 2014) of the international journal “Quality Technology and Quantitative Management” (QTQM). Jean-Michel Poggi (Past President of SFdS), Ron S. Kenett (Past President of ENBIS), and Alberto Pasanisi (EDF), served as guest editors for the QTQM special issue.

The three co-editors of the special issue also serve as contacts for any queries pertaining to the details of the Spring Meeting.

April 9th

April 10-11th

Specialists’ workshop (invited sessions)

A collection of conference papers is available as articles of a special issue of the journal Qualitative Technology and Quantitative Management


  • Jean-Michel Poggi (SFdS past president)
  • Ron Kenett (ENBIS past president)
  • Alberto Pasanisi (EDF R&D)

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